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Work happiness is more important than ever

based on a study with over 1,000 knowledge workers in Germany

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Work happily with awork

Work and team orga for happy collaboration
The hyped work management tool from Europe
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What’s awork all about?

Everything you need to organize work

Easy to use, clear, friendly
Work and team planning
Time tracking

Who is awork designed for?

For all project oriented teams

Easy to use, clear, friendly
🏗 Architects
👩‍🎨 Agencies
🏦 Banks
🏫 Universities
🤓 Consultancies
🏛 Public Service
🏭 Industrial trade
👩‍💻 Software & IT
🏭 Medium-sized firms
🏢 Corporations
🚀 Startups
👨‍👩‍ Mini teams
🚪 Departments
🏟 Associations
📍Business locations
💼 Management rounds

1.500+ teams worldwide trust in awork

Why awork?

A tool that everyone loves 💜

… instead of feeling overwhelmed
👍 Easy to understand
👍 Very clear and simple
👍 Always friendly and motivating
👉 No one will be against it
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