Feature roadmap

awork is a fast growing app with new features being released every few weeks. This is where we announce our biggest projects.

IN PROGRESS (Planned for Mid 2019)

awork for iOS and Android

Our users are active in exciting locations all over the world – and we’d like to come with! awork’s most important features (projects, tasks, tracking) will therefore be available in a native app for your smartphone.

Native Apps


Teamwide boards and lists

In order to create task lists and boards across several projects and get an even better overview of your team’s progress, we’ll add individual, sharable task filters.


Gantt what? Start planning visual timelines

We live in an agile world, but deadlines are still a part of project management. We’re working on a beautiful way to visually plan your timelines in awork. Almost like Gantt-Charts.

Gantt – visuelle Projektplanung


Individual time sheets and exports

Times tracked with awork are the perfect basis for your invoices. However, every time sheet looks different. We’ll add new export options to simplify your billing process.


Immediately see what’s going on in your team

When teams work simultaneously on tasks and projects, awork will update automatically so everyone is always up to date in realtime.

Live Updates

Roadmap FAQ

When is this going to be ready? And what’s next?

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When is this going to be ready?

Features that we announce with “In Progress” are currently in development by our team. These are larger projects, so development times are usually 2 – 3 months.
Features that are “In Concept” will usually be next up.
awork is a complex app so unexpected things tend to come up from time to time. That’s why we only communicate release dates once a feature has reached user testing.
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Is this it? Will there be more?

There will be more! We have a long internal feature roadmap that will keep our team occupied for months and years to come. However, based on user feedback and general developments, we regularly prioritise and reorder. We therefore announce only those topics we feel really sure are going to be in development soon.

Is there a wishlist?

Sure. We’re happy to talk about your ideas and wishes – and take them very seriously when planning our future roadmap. At the end of the day, we follow a long term vision for awork and will always check if an idea makes sense in this bigger context. Let’s chat!

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