awork product roadmap

Day by day we make awork a little bit more lovable 💜

Product focus

Manage teams and work smoother

We are constantly developing awork to organize teams and work better and smoother.

Our focus areas are:

Team and work planning


Current topics roadmap

Disclaimer: Schedules, priorities, concepts & designs are subject to change at any time.

In implementation

arrow_forward awork desktop app
2 Renewal of the rich text editor
arrow_forward Many small improvements for time tracking and task management

In planning

arrow_forward New time reports
arrow_forward Main menu with easy access on projects
arrow_forward Custom task lists for the dashboard
arrow_forward Improved rights and team management

Highly requested

arrow_forward Editing observers
arrow_forward Simplification of guest usage
arrow_forward Easier task management on the dashboard
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The next release is just around the corner

Soon, a new awork release will be online – packed with new features and many improvements. Find more information about the last updates in our help center.

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Product development

Product & Engineering @ awork

With fun, heart, brain power and lots of coffee we develop awork with an interdisciplinary team distributed in Hamburg and all over the world.

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⭐️ Kubernetes

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