awork’s development roadmap

Which new awork feature can you start looking forward to next? Our roadmap gives you an overview of all scheduled features. To make sure you are kept in the loop, we will continuously keep this page up-to-date.


Project management on autopilot

ONLINE: Automatic briefings

We are developing a new feature that will allow you to have your project management operate on autopilot. What would that look like in practice? For example, awork would automatically create and send briefings to project managers, as well as team members by email.

Chat with awork

What would it be like if awork proactively kept you in the loop about the status of your projects? To ensure nothing gets out of hand, we are working on a chat interface that allows for exactly such “conversations” with awork.

awork as a part of the team

Imagine your project management tool becoming your digital project assistant. In order for awork to become more of a fully-fledged team member, we are working on additional elements around the autopilot feature.


Teamwork makes the dream work

ONLINE: Not without my team!

awork needs to be clear for larger teams too, which is why you will be able to use this feature to combine users and projects into different groups.

A calendar for the team

All milestones, project deadlines, client events and absences within the team in one clearly laid out calendar? We make it possible!

Availability at a glance

Who is in home office and/or working remotely? Who is sick and won’t be coming in the next day? With this feature, predicaments such as these are a thing of the past.

Let’s rock 2020!

A workspace your team will love

ONLINE: Custom dashboards

Make your dashboard your own! Establish which widgets are to be displayed or what project information is relevant to you.

ONLINE: Automatic workflows

Want to automatically assign a specific user when you change the status of a task? Automatic workflows make such dependencies possible.

Create tasks via email

Want to quickly create a task from the client’s mail directly? No problem!

File management

Daily project management and the administration of documents and other files are closely intertwined. For this reason, it is only logical to integrate file hosting platforms directly into awork.

And much, much more!

In addition to these features, we’ve got an entire list of future features that will make your workspace experience even better.

Previously implemented

Feature Planned Released
Working in teams Jul 2020 Okt 2020
Interface updates Jun 2020 Sep 2020
Automatic workflows Apr 2020 May 2020
Automatic briefings Mar 2020 Apr 2020
Custom Dashboards Jan 2020 Feb 2020
Microsoft Teams Integration Aug 2019 Feb 2020
Smaller Updates & Maintenance Dec 2019 Jan 2020
Integration of invoicing tools Jul 2019 Dec 2019
Guest access Oct 2019 Dec 2019
Cross-project visual planner Aug 2019 Dec 2019
Recurring tasks Oct 2019 Dec 2019
Individual time reports and exports Jul 2019 Oct 2019
Extended Slack integration Aug 2019 Nov 2019
Revised permissions management Aug 2019 Nov 2019
Importing clients, projects and tasks Jul 2019 Sep 2019
Public template library Jul 2019 Sep 2019
Graphic project planner (Gantt) Mar 2019 Aug 2019
awork apps for iOS and Android Mar 2019 Jul 2019
Cross-project lists Mar 2019 May 2019
Live updates for simultaneous work Feb 2019 Mar 2019

Roadmap questions

When will it be ready?

The features that we currently announce as “In Progress” are being implemented by our team as we speak. This is about larger projects, meaning we are dealing with development periods of about 2 – 3 months. It generally does not take any longer than that. Things that are listed here as “Planned” are usually up next. An app like awork is very complex, which means imponderables always come up. That’s why we never give any exact release dates until a feature is already in the user testing phase. To stay up-to-date, we recommend subscribing to our blog!

Is that everything then? Or is there more to come?

There is much more to it than that. We have an internal feature roadmap that will keep our team busy for many months (and years). However, depending on feedback, user requests, and basic development, we may prioritise certain features over others. Therefore, we only publish what is very sure to be implemented in the foreseeable future.

Is it possible to make a request?

Absolutely. We are thrilled to hear your opinions, ideas, and feedback, and we carefully take them into consideration when planning. We recommend sending us a message through the chat. Ultimately, we are pursuing a very long-term vision with awork and we will always consider whether or not a particular feature may be suitable for it.

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