The future of the working world is joyful!

How nice would it be if we did what we really felt like doing every day? If we worked together on the projects that bring us joy? We at awork believe in a working world where this is possible, and we are convinced that modern software is the basis for this.

Our product vision

For the joy of work

We believe in work that brings joy to everyone on the team. That’s why we are here, that’s why we are constantly developing awork. We want to continue to provide the digital work environment that teams need to make dreams come true. We are passionate about creating a tool that is easy to understand and fun to use. We give our all to make busy work, Excel clutter, and organizational chaos a thing of the past. We pave the way for a desirable working world in which joy comes before work.

awork: Here To Rock

Product focus 2022

Achieving more together

Team management

How busy is your team? Can you still take on the next project? When are the next major project deadlines, and what does the workload look like in the current weekly calendar? The brand new team planner in awork makes it even easier for you to coordinate teams of all sizes. 


Work better together – whether as a team or with clients. This year, we’re focusing on simplifying project communication, including optimizing feedback loops, notifications, file sharing, and briefings.

Personal productivity

Not every creative mind is an orga talent. To help everyone focus on their core competencies, we take the orga stress off your team to help you focus on the things that are most relevant. We’re working on features that help prioritize, plan weeks wisely, and keep track of current and future topics.

Keep it simple

awork should be fun. That’s why it means so much to us to make our tool even easier to use and to optimize existing functions. On the agenda for this year are easier creation of times and tasks, better handling of templates, cooler notifications, a simple start in awork, and much more.

Already implemented

Feature Released
Private projects May 2022
New planner May 2022
Multiple Assignments Aug 2021
Improved Templates Jul 2021
Design and Interface Update Jul 2021
Multiple Selection Apr 2021
Quick Actions Apr 2021
Improved Communication Apr 2021
Single Sign-on Feb 2021
Create Tasks from Emails Feb 2021
Custom Dashboards Jan 2021

Releases 2020

Feature Released
Notify Project Teams Dec 2020
External File Integration Nov 2020
Working in Teams Oct 2020
Interface Update Sep 2020
Automated Workflows May 2020
Automated Briefings Apr 2020
Customized Dashboards Feb 2020
Microsoft Teams Integration Feb 2020
Minor Updates & Maintenance Jan 2020

Releases 2019

Feature Released
Billing Tools Integration Dec 2019
Guest Access Dec 2019
Cross-Project Visual Planning Dec 2019
Recurring Tasks Dec 2019
Customized Time Evaluations and Exports Oct 2019
Enhanced Slack Integration Nov 2019
Revised Rights Management Nov 2019
Import Customers, Projects and Tasks Sep 2019
Public Template Library Sep 2019
Graphical Project Planning (Gantt) Aug 2019
awork apps for iOS and Android Jul 2019
Cross-Project Lists May 2019
Live Updates for Simultaneous Work Mar 2019

Roadmap questions

When will it be ready?

The features that we currently announce as “In Progress” are being implemented by our team as we speak. This includes larger projects, meaning we are dealing with development periods of about 2 – 3 months. It generally does not take any longer than that. Things that are listed here as “Planned” are usually up next. An app like awork is very complex, which means unexpected roadblocks also come up. That’s why we never give any exact release dates until a feature is already in the user testing phase. To stay up-to-date, we recommend subscribing to our blog!

Is that everything then? Or is there more to come?

There is much more to it than that. We have an internal feature roadmap that will keep our team busy for many months (and years). However, depending on feedback, user requests, and basic development, we may prioritize certain features over others. Therefore, we only publish what is very sure to be implemented in the foreseeable future.

Is it possible to make a request?

Absolutely. We are thrilled to hear your opinions, ideas, and feedback, and we carefully take them into consideration when planning. We recommend sending us a message through the chat. Ultimately, we are pursuing a very long-term vision with awork, and we will always consider whether or not a particular feature may be suitable for it.

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