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More fun getting things done

Manage tasks in simple to-do-lists

Use convenient lists to organise your tasks. Create lists based on topic, project phase or priority and get things done as structured as possible.

Get things done on flexible boards

Use customisable kanban boards for the perfekt overview. They include previews of files, images and comments.

Clear responsibilities and deadlines

With awork, every member of your team knows their responsibilities and what’s due. Nothing goes unnoticed thanks to awork’s smart notifications.

Flexible task views across projects

Create custom filters across all your projects. This way’s you’ll never lose track of important tasks. Share task views to give everyone on the team the same transparency.

More structure with sub-tasks

Split your to-dos into smaller sub-tasks to create structure and remember every aspect of your projects.

Aufgaben in Listen verwalten
Aufgaben in Boards anzeigen
Deadlines und Verantwortlichkeiten vergeben
Unteraufagebn in Aufgaben anlegen

Project management

Keep your projects on track

NEW: Visual project timelines

Plan your projects visually with awork’s beautiful timeline view. Add milestones and dependencies to keep everything on track.

Organise projects by client

awork lets you structure your projects by client so you always know who your work is for. Internal projects work just as well, of course.

Create teams with roles and rights

Make sure, that everyone has access to what’s important to them. No more and no less.

Use custom task-bundles to create templates

Why reinvent the wheel? Create flexible templates with lists and tasks for your next projects. awork can add them automatically when your project reaches a new status.

Visuelle Planung Timeline
Projekte nach Kunden organisieren
Projektrollen und Rechte in awork
Task-Bundles als Projektvorlagen in awork


Faster progress

Track with awork’s stop watch

Start tracking on projects or tasks with a single click. awork reminds you automatically, should you forget to track.

Track with drag & drop

To quickly track your times at the end of the day, simply drag in awork’s timeline to create new entries.

Track from your calendar

Integrate your Apple iCloud, Google Calendar or Microsoft Office365 to convert appointments to time entries with a single click.

Reports by team, project, client or type of work

Create internal reports or use exports to send your times to a billing tool. awork offers reports by client, project, team or type of work.

Flexible Excel exports

They are your times – export them to Excel to use however you like.

Zeiterfassung mit Stoppuhr
Zeiterfassung per Drag & Drop
Zeiten flexibel auswerten
Excel-Export deiner Daten

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Communicate in tasks and projects

Work is communication. Use comments to document your decisions and keep everyone up to date on the team’s status. Simply tag users to send additional notifications.

Attach files to tasks and comments

Pictures, tables, presentations or designs: attach your files to projects, tasks or use them in comments.

Direct notifications (tagging)

If you want to notify your teammates, use their name in your comments (@Lucy) an awork will take care of the rest.

Integrate Slack

Slack is the central communication channel for many teams. Integrate awork to get direct notifications slack for your projects and tasks.

Smart notifications

awork reminds you to track your work, have a look at due tasks any many other important events.

Mit awork im Team kommunizieren
Dateien in Kommentaren verwenden
Teammitglieder Taggen
Slack mit awork integrieren
Smarte Notifications


Connect 1.000+ apps

Connect 1.000+ apps using Zapier

Connect awork to more than 1.000 apps thanks to our Zapier integration. Automatically create projects and tasks in awork or transfer time entries to your billing tool.

Direct Slack integration

Connect awork to Slack and stay up to date on tasks and projects in your central communications tool. Learn more.

Use Google, Microsoft and iCloud calendars for your time tracking

You basically live by your calendar? Our direct integration with all major calendar services lets you convert your appointments into time entries with a single click.

Open REST API for custom integrations

Access all important data and features via our open REST API. Create your own integrations and reports.

Google Assistant integration

Talk to awork on your smartphone or Google Home speaker. Make awork create new projects and tasks and start your time tracking with a voice command.

awork mit anderen App verbinden
Slack mit awork integrieren

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