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Plan your team + work the easiest and most accurate way

How nice would it be if your orga tool automatically creates an exact overview of your teams workload?

The new planner

Workload from project plan + calendar

Coming soon – May 2022
Most accurate calculation of workload out there
Including projects, calendar
and time tracking
No extra planning needed,
automatic workload

Long term planning

Do we have capacity for another project?

Roughly plan projects in the roadmap.

Todo orga in your calendar

That still fits in, right?

Schedule urgent to-dos quickly. 

Simple task assignment

Who can actually work on what?

Finally, efficient planning & capa meetings.

Personal Planning

Which tasks do I need to work on?

Organize your own workday in the calendar.

Available soon

Boost productivity & fight overbooking ✊

Beta tested and found to be excellent

Organize your team with awork

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