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What’s awork all about?

The tool for all kinds of projects

Easy to handle, clear, friendly
e.g. Client Projects
e.g. Employee Onboarding
e.g. Team Weeklys

Projects and team at a glance

Easily coordinate tasks of your team

Plan tasks and projects for your team. Create deadlines and milestones while keeping track of absences and capacities. This way you can coordinate the whole team at once.

Simple Workflows

Plan to-dos and track your times

Organize your team’s tasks the way you like it best. Choose between simple lists, flexible kanban boards or visual gantt charts – and time tracking is directly integrated.

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Who is awork made for?

For all project oriented teams

Whether small, medium or large, awork is made for teams that work collaboratively.
🏗 Architects
👩‍🎨 Agencies
🏦 Banks
🏫 Universities
🤓 Consulting
🏛 Public Service
🏭 Industrial
👩‍💻 Software & IT
🏭 Mid-sized teams
🏢 Corporate
🚀 Startups
👨‍👩‍ Small Teams
🚪 Departments
🏟 Clubs
📍 Locations
💼 Management Circles

Why awork?

Work happier and better together

awork is the orga tool that everyone loves.
👍 Easy to handle
👍 Very clear
👍 Always friendly and motivating
👉 The tool that everyone loves

Evaluated and found to be excellent
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Start organizing with awork

Your team will love you for it.

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