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There is often little time left over in a creative workday. One deadline follows the next, correction loops go into the umpteenth round, and feedback that always seems to come at short notice. Not exactly the best environment for creative excellence and satisfied customers.

That’s why we created awork, a project management tool that bundles all customer projects in one central location. Whether it’s structured feedback, clear deadlines, or simple time tracking: awork helps you keep track of complex projects and diverse clients to help you consistently deliver reliably. Nice!

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Bartosz, CEO at
“Perfect project management for creatives”
“Clear UI helps immensely with planning; everything is well thought out and not overloaded with features. Task packages allow me to schedule and manage recurring tasks super fast. I don’t have to start from scratch every time and painstakingly recreate each step.”
Source: OMR Reviews
Tommy, Managing Director at ontiger media GmbH
“Project management made fun”
“awork is extremely user friendly, so new employees can get up to speed with it without any training. There is always motivational feedback messaging upon completing tasks or projects, which is proven to motivate the team. The time tracking and task assignments are very well done.”
Source: OMR Reviews
Karen, Owner at KAREN UNFUG
“Nothing works without awork.”
“With awork, I arrange and organize all my client projects. There are often a lot of different projects at the same time. With awork, I keep track of all tasks, whether big or small, milestones, and deadlines. My entire project workflow is mapped in awork.”
Source: OMR Reviews

Projects, tasks, and time tracking

awork is the perfect tool for creative teams

Visual project planning

The visual planning in awork is like a Gantt chart, only cooler. You can schedule all project tasks on a handy timeline, assign responsible parties, and define dependencies.

Individual Kanban boards

In awork, you can change the task view with just one click. For example, you can also display your tasks on an intuitive board that can be completely customized to your agency process.

Integrated time tracking

awork combines time tracking with your project management. You can book times directly to projects or tasks and know exactly how much time was spent on the client project.

Customer projects

Are your projects mostly customer projects? How convenient that all projects can be structured and sorted by customer in awork. This makes sure it’s always clear for whom you are working. Of course, internal projects are no problem either.

Visuelle Planung mit einer Timeline in der Projektmanagement Software
Aufgaben in Boards anzeigen
Zeiterfassung mit Stoppuhr
Klare Verantwortlichkeiten - mit awork

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More practical time recording
The integrated time tracking of awork helps the ueberall media team not only to improve time recording but also productivity.
Flexible content planning
Agency business at dievirtuellecouch: To keep track of all client projects, the team uses awork.
Smart project management
At the innovation agency Future Candy, many to-dos come together with different editors.

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Is the trial really free with no commitment?

Yes. You can test awork completely free of charge and without obligation. You don’t even have to leave any payment information. Costs and obligations are only incurred if you decide to purchase our Premium version.

How much does awork cost?

awork Premium starts at 8 Euro per user per month. In addition, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. I.e., if you cancel within the first 30 days after booking, we will give you your money back – without discussion and stupid questions.

Where is our data stored?

All data stored in awork is exclusively encrypted and stored in certified data centers in Germany. Take a look at our privacy policy.

How secure is awork?

We operate awork in the most modern data centers in Germany. Nobody has access to your data except you and, if your support requires it, our technician. This is ensured, among other things, by the constant encryption of our data.

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Here’s why you will love awork:

Easy setup

awork is clean and intuitive. It won’t take you long to find your way around and get the team on board. Nevertheless, the tool still offers everything you need.

A detailed look at awork's functions


Projects often follow the same pattern. In awork, you can create project templates. So that you don’t have to start from scratch, we even have a few predefined.

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14-day free trial

The best way to get to know a tool is to try it out. Start a 14-day test phase with no commitment. On top of this, when you book awork, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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