Stay informed about all projects and tasks

With the Slack integration, awork can directly show your team notifications about tasks, projects, and comments.

Connect awork to Slack

This is how it’s done!

You can link awork to Slack in three short steps.

1 Create accounts

Sign up for a Slack account and an awork account (in case you don’t have them yet)

2 Add the awork app to Slack

Add our awork app to your workspace. You’ll find our awork app in the slack app directory.

3 Choose a suitable channel

Follow the instructions to choose the channel in which you want to receive the updates.

awork mit Slack verbinden

Further information

About this integration

About Slack

Slack is a real-time communication tool for teams.

To the Slack website



To the documentation


Preexisting Slack and awork accounts are required.

Create an awork account