Transfer your time entries from awork to an invoice in sevDesk

With our sevDesk integration, creating invoices directly from your awork times is just a click away.

Connect awork to sevDesk

Smart accounting

sevDesk is a digital invoicing tool that lets you do your accounting without chaos and paperwork. The clear design and smart features allow for quick, easy accounting – when and where you want.

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Here’s how it works!

You can connect awork to sevDesk in just a few simple steps.

1 Create accounts

To transfer your tracked working time to an invoice, you will need an account for sevDesk and awork (in case you didn’t have these already).

2 Set up the integration in awork

To set up an integration, go to awork’s menu and click on settings/integrations. Subsequently, select sevDesk when you get to the invoicing tools section.

3 Connect your awork with sevDesk

To establish a connection between sevDesk and awork, you need an API token. You can find the API token in sevDesk under Settings/Users. From there, you can copy it and paste it into awork.

4 Invoice times from awork

As soon as you have linked awork and sevDesk, you can invoice your awork times by clicking on the dollar icon under Workspace/Time Evaluation.

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About sevDesk

With sevDesk, you can easily do the bookkeeping yourself – without having any prior accounting knowledge.

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You will need a preexisting sevDesk and awork account.

Create an awork account