Transfer your time entries from awork to an invoice in sevDesk

With our direct sevDesk integration, creating invoices from your awork times is just a click away.

Connect awork to sevDesk

This is how it’s done!

You can connect awork to sevDesk in 3 quick steps.

1 Create accounts

To bill your times, you’ll need a sevDesk and an awork account.

2 Set up integration in awork

To set up the integration, navigate to Settings / Integrations. Choose sevDesk under Billing Tools.

3 Connect awork to sevDesk

To connect awork to sevDesk, you need an API-Token. You’ll find the token in sevDesk under Settings / Users.

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More information

About this integration

About sevDesk

sevDesk is a digital accounting tool.

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A sevDesk account and an awork account.

Create an awork account