Stay informed about all projects and tasks

The direct integration of awork and MS Teams allows you to receive updates in Teams when projects and tasks are created, assigned, or commented on in awork. Jump directly from a message in MS Teams to the awork project to answer comments or create new tasks in a project.

Connect awork to MS Teams

This is how it’s done!

You can link awork to MS Teams in three short steps.

1 Create accounts

Sign up for a MS Teams account and an awork account (in case you do not have them yet.)

2 Add the awork app to MS Teams

Add our awork app to MS Teams. For this, you have to select a so-called connector. Select a channel and the ellipsis (…) to the right of the channel name. Then click on connector and select awork. You can simply search for awork and click on configure.

3 Select a project and an activity

Follow the instructions to connect an awork project to MS Teams and define an activity.

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About MS Teams

MS Teams is the central hub for teamwork in Office 365.

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You need a Microsoft Teams and an awork account.

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