Transfer your awork times directly to your lexoffice invoice

With the lexoffice integration, you can directly transfer tracked hours from awork to your lexoffice invoice.

Connect awork to lexoffice

Here’s how it works!

It takes just three steps to connect awork to lexoffice.

1 Create accounts

To transfer your tracked working time to an invoice, you will need to create a lexoffice and an awork account (in case you don’t have them already).

2 Set up integration in awork

To set up the integration, head over to awork’s menu and select Settings/Integrations. Once there, select lexoffice within the invoicing tool section.

3 Connect awork to lexoffice

In order to connect lexoffice and awork, you now need an API key. The API key can be generated here. From here, you can copy it and paste it in awork.

Additional information

About this integration


About lexoffice

lexoffice is a tool used for digital accounting.

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More information can be found within our help center at:

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A lexoffice account and an awork account are needed.

Create an awork account