Transfer your awork times to your HQ invoice directly

With the direct HQ integration, you can easily transfer your tracked times in awork to your HQ invoice.

Connect awork to the HQ

Here’s how it works!

You can connect awork to HQ in three simple steps.

1 Create accounts

To transfer your tracked working time to an invoice, you will need an account for HQ and for awork (in case you didn’t have these already).

2 Set up integration in awork

To set up an integration, go to awork’s menu and click on settings/integrations. Subsequently, select HQ when you get to the invoicing tools section.

3 Connect awork to the HQ

In order to create a connection between HQ and awork, you will now need an API key. The API key can be found in HQ, under Admin/API Clients. From there it can be copied and pasted in awork.


About this integration

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An HQ account and an awork account.

Create an awork account