Transfer your awork times directly to your HQ invoice

While project managers need an all-in-one overview, creatives might need more detailed work management capabilities — incorporate times and tasks with the ultimate solution for exactly such cases: the combination of HQ and awork.

Connect awork to the HQ

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Combination benefits

Gain immediate benefits and collaborate even more productively with the HQ awork integration. The agency software HQ maps the entire business process – from the first customer contact to controlling. awork takes care of the lean work management solutions and focuses on daily to-dos and time tracking. with the tool combination, all project times recorded in awork end up back in HQ for billing and cost analysis.

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Test both tools for 14 days free of charge. After that, we can offer you a great deal with our HQ and awork combination discount!

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Here’s how it works!

You can connect awork to HQ in three simple steps.

1 Create accounts

To transfer your tracked working time to an invoice, you will need an account for HQ and for awork (in case you didn’t have these already).

2 Set up integration in awork

To set up an integration, go to awork’s menu and click on settings/integrations. Subsequently, select HQ when you get to the invoicing tools section.

3 Connect awork to the HQ

In order to create a connection between HQ and awork, you will now need an API key. The API key can be found in HQ, under Admin/API Clients. From there it can be copied and pasted in awork.


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An HQ account and an awork account.

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