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Transfer your tracked times directly from awork to your easybill invoice

With this integration transfering tracked times directly from awork to your easybill invoice is super easy. Replace manual invoicing and enjoy the efficient workflow when billing your team’s work with just a few clicks.

Connect awork and easybill

awork & easybill

Billing software made easy

With easybill, you can handle invoicing, dunning, payment settlements and much more in no time at all. As a cloud-based invoicing software, easybill is suitable for companies of any size and offers practical functions such as onlineshop connection or process automation. Easy! ✌️

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This is how it’s done!

Follow these three steps to connect awork and easybill.
1 Create accounts

To transfer your tracked working time to an invoice, you will need an account for sevDesk and awork (in case you didn’t have these already).

2 Set up the integration in awork

To set up an integration, go to awork’s menu and click on settings/integrations. Subsequently, select sevDesk when you get to the invoicing tools section.

3 Connect your awork with easybill

To establish a connection between sevDesk and awork, you need an API token. You can find the API token in sevDesk under Settings/Users. From there, you can copy it and paste it into awork.

Additional information

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Über easybill

easybill is a cloud based billing software.

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More information can be found within our help center at

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You will need a preexisting easybill and awork account.

Create an awork account

Works with all your favorite tools

Easily integrate your teams toolset into awork and enjoy seamless workflows.

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