Track times directly from your calendar

By linking awork to your calendar, you can convert your appointments into recorded working hours with just one click.

Connect awork with your calendar

This is how it’s done!

You can link your calendar with your time tracking in just three steps.

1 Open Time Tracking in awork

Firstly, log into awork and access “My Times” from the main menu. In the day view, you will find a button to connect your calendar.

2 Choose a calendar

Choose Apple iCloud, Google Calendar or Microsoft Office365, depending on your provider, and follow the registration instructions.

3 Click appointments

Your appointments are loaded automatically. Click on an appointment to turn it into tracked time.

Du kannst awork kinderleicht mit deinem Kalender verbinden

Further information

About this integration

About cloud calendar

The three largest providers of cloud-based business calendars are Microsoft, Google and Apple. awork supports each of these providers.

Help with this integration

Further information about and help with the calendar integration can be found at

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In order to use this integration, you will need an account with one of the large calendar providers and a free awork account.

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