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Keeping the Overview as a Project Manager With project management in awork

Whether it’s an architect’s office, an agency, or a designer – awork helps its users in a wide variety of areas to become even more productive. For us, it is always exciting to find out in which office or in which life situation smart project management like awork is used. For this reason, we regularly talk to active awork users to find out exactly: Which functions are indispensable? And what does a typical awork project look like?  

This time we talked to Tommy Grimm from the agency ontiger media in Lüneburg. We are ecstatic that Tommy wants to share his experiences with us about how they use project management in awork.

Hello Tommy, first of all, introduce yourselves briefly. What exactly do you do at ontiger media?

ontiger media is an agency for marketing and e-commerce.

Our main areas of expertise lie in the development, conception, and execution of individual and fresh marketing campaigns.

With our specialization in Pride Marketing, we have made it our mission to sustainably support companies in building up the LGBTIQ+ community. We set signs for tolerance and acceptance, and break down prejudices.

Our clients benefit not only by supporting the community and being socially engaged but also by attracting attention and winning over a target group very effectively.

How did you organize yourselves before awork, and why did you choose project management with awork?

Before awork, we were struggling with other tools. The problem was that we never had everything in one place, and therefore, the organization itself was disorganized.

With awork, we have a smart project management tool that is outstanding in its design and functionality.

How exactly do you plan your tasks in awork? Do you have different projects with many lists and to-dos? Can you tell us more about that?

We create different lists for different departments, such as graphic design, social media marketing, or web development, each with assigned tasks.

This gives us a structured overview of which departments need more resources and whether tasks have already been completed. Through this overview, the performance of the team can be viewed.

A day with you in awork, how does it start, how does it end?

Every day starts with a warm cup of tea. The first thing the project manager has to do in the program is to enter the current, existing tasks into the awork lists. Afterward, the tasks are briefly discussed and coordinated in the morning stand-up meeting. This is when the real work begins because now the team starts to work through the tasks over the course of the day.

Occasionally, during the course of the day, additional items are added, which are then scheduled by priority either immediately or for the next day.

At the end of the day, the project manager reviews progress and schedules additional resources for the next day, if necessary.

Always have an overview with awork – then you have more time for other things.

As a project manager, you always have to keep track of everything; how exactly does awork help you with that?

Due to the clarity of the project management tool, it is possible for me to keep track of the progress of the tasks at any time. In addition, the time tracking feature makes it possible to make more precise effort estimates for similar projects and tasks in the future.

Since you work a lot on customer projects, we are interested in how well the collaboration with the customer works in awork. How exactly do you go about this in awork?

We are currently missing this point somewhat. What we would like to see is the ability to share individual project timelines as a presentation, for example, in the form of a link, so that the customer can follow the project at any time.

To what extent does integrated time tracking play a role for you? How do you record working time in your team?

Time is recorded for each task so that we can transparently disclose the hours worked to our customers and so that we can estimate future tasks more precisely.

Good to know: With the new individual time evaluation in awork, you now have a variety of filter and grouping options to create meaningful time evaluations. Your individual evaluations can then be downloaded as Excel or PDF files.

We record the working time of each task processed in awork. This is because we want to present the hours worked as transparently as possible to assist with hourly accounting. That allows for a high level of transparency towards the customer, but also to estimate similar tasks more precisely in the future.

Does the entire team work with project management in awork? How does the communication process work?

At ontiger, it is mainly the creative departments that work with awork. Communication takes place via meetings, personal conversations or e-mails. But of course also via awork itself, for example, through the comment function.

Using the timeline, tasks, and projects in meetings can help to create a visually clear overview.

The agency ontiger media plan their projects with awork

Do you also use awork in your meetings? And if so, how exactly?

With the help of the timeline, tasks and projects are discussed and planned in meetings to create a direct, visual overview. In the meetings, individual parts of the projects are discussed, and upcoming ones are planned in advance. Those that have already been completed are discussed again to determine what perhaps went particularly well or not.

What are your favorite project management features, and why would you not want to work without them?

The Google Assistant feature is very convenient for us. New projects can be conveniently created and planned via voice functions. Project managers can save time and focus on the more important things more quickly.

In addition, it offers us the possibility – just like with the awork app – to create new projects at any time and from anywhere.

Which task packages would make your work even easier for your agency and your team?

Especially for online store development and design work, task packages are very useful. For marketing, such as Pride campaigns, it is difficult to use task packages. This is because each campaign is highly individual. If there are already creative ideas or solutions for this, we would be very happy to try them.

We’re always on the lookout for great productivity tips – what’s your secret tip for working even more productively?

In our experience, time planning is extremely important. You should plan a rough schedule for the day and set yourself deadlines to focus on your tasks. Events can always intervene throughout the day. This is why scheduling too precisely can also have a negative effect.

Personally, I can concentrate well when I let the sounds of the app play softly over me. This helps me to easily block out a distracting environment.

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