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Coming soon: The new planner upgrade

A fabulous update is just around the corner that will take the planner to the next level. Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ve been working on. 🎁

Another planner update? Oh yes! The awork planner has been live in beta since May. Since then, we’ve received an incredible amount of feedback from you, conducted numerous usability tests and added some missing functionalities already.

Now we’re going one step further and you’ll soon see the result of all this in awork.

Sneak peek: That’s the new planning flow ✨

Here’s a preview of how smooth and easy the new planner is going to make your capacity planning, yay!

Get ready for these upgrades being available very soon:

  • New, clearer sidebar with an option to select projects, filters and tasks.
  • New layout of the planner to display the workload at all times.
  • Project overview in the planner with drill down into the project plans without leaving the planner.
  • Detailed popup in the workload chart to see exactly what is planned on which day.
  • User bookings for projects without having to create tasks.
  • Color coding of projects for a better overview in the timeline.
  • Design and function update of the task timeline within the projects.
  • And many small improvements – stay tuned!

Attention: One thing is going to disappear ☝️

The possibility to define planning efforts for users on project level will be removed with the upcoming update. This planning has proven to be impractical because the time period to plan users was always fixed to the project period. Additionally, these long bars took up a lot of space in the user overview of the timeline.

Instead, we introduce “bookings” in the new planner. Now you can freely book (reserve) time for each user and each project, even without tasks – without having to create tasks for them. With the release of the new planner, the already set up efforts for projects are transferred to the new bookings. Of course, these can then be customized individually for all users.

The new bookings work slightly different than the project plan efforts. Therefore the workload calculation will change slightly. If you currently use the planned efforts on the project level, then the workload will be displayed increased with the release. In this case you will have to adjust it once in the new booking element. If you have not used the effort planning on project level, this change does not affect you. If you have any questions about this, you can always contact us in support.

We can’t wait for the planner upgrade to be live and hopefully you’re looking forward to it as much as we do. 💜

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