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How To Manage Virtually Any Project With the awork App!

Your favorite work management tool is now available as an app for iPhone and Android devices! You know awork as a smart tool for your project management and productive team collaboration. With the app, awork now comes to your smartphone and is always with you on the go. Create tasks, manage projects, coordinate with colleagues or just quickly start time tracking – all with just the tap of a thumb.

But awork can do more than “just” project management. Whether it’s a customer’s campaign, an internal project, or even private to-dos – we’ll show you how awork supports you in every situation and how the awork app can become your new favorite tool.

What awaits you in the awork app

The awork app was designed to give you full control over all your projects and tasks, even when you’re on the go. This allows you to quickly and conveniently create new tasks or check off completed ones at any time.

The focus of the app is on simple and fast handling for mobile work, such as from the train or for a quick look at the to-dos on the way to work. The app, therefore, deliberately does without more complex functions, such as managing settings or kanban views. Instead, the awork app comes with smartphone-oriented features, such as push messages.

Endless possibilities to organize projects

As you have already experienced in the web tool, you can also manage your projects with multiple lists in the awork app. Depending on how you design and divide the projects and lists, you have an incredible number of possibilities to work productively. Since we have already introduced you to the Marc Andreessen Method, today we want to show you more concepts for working productively in awork. Spoiler: With awork and the new app, you can implement pretty much any method and any productivity concept. Even when planning private projects, like the next trip or a big party, can be perfectly executed in the awork app.

Super productivity with the GTD-system in the awork app.

Do you already know the Getting Things Done (GTD) principle? This method can also be implemented flawlessly in awork!

Consultant David Allen’s method is based on the idea of simply writing down all the thousands of things we still need to get done, along with the ideas that buzz through our heads every day, thus taking the pressure off our minds. That is, every time a new task comes up, it is consistently written down. No matter how small the to-do is, everything gets written down.

Schreibe alle deine To-Dos in die awork App Liste!
Write down all your to-dos in the awork app list!

Afterward, you can assign priorities to the to-dos and work through all tasks one after the other. By always writing everything down consistently, no task can get lost. This allows you to finally concentrate on one thing at a time. Thus, the GTD principle in the awork app creates total relief in the brain and efficiency when working through tasks.

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The five fundamental steps of the GTD system

GTD is based on five elementary steps: Collect, Process, Organize, Review, Do. I.e., in the first step, you collect all the tasks that come up. An example of this could be creating a list called “Inbox” in your awork project. Thanks to the app, you can also write all to-dos that pop up in between directly into your inbox list while you are on the go.

In the second step, you can process and organize the tasks. In relation to your project in awork, this means that you prioritize your tasks and distribute them in lists. You can create different lists for this purpose. We suggest a “Next” list for all tasks that you can work on next and a “Someday/Maybe” list for all tasks that are not so important but should be done someday.

Mit dem GTD-System kannst du all deine To-Dos sauber in Listen sortieren und sorgfältig bearbeiten.
With the GTD system, you can sort all your to-dos neatly into lists and work on them carefully.

David Allen calls such lists action lists. They have this name because it is important that you are specific about your tasks. So instead of “Promote the new awork app,” you would create to-dos such as “Social media posts,” “Send newsletter,” and “Run ad.”

The last two steps in GTD are Review and Process. So you should go through your GTD project in awork regularly and make sure you have filed all to-dos neatly. To do this, it makes sense to create a waiting list and a done list. If a to-do is waiting for feedback, for example, it goes into the waiting list. A task that you have completed goes into the done list.

The awork app as a weekly planner

Another possibility for structured planning in awork are lists for the respective days of the week. This principle can be very useful in content marketing, for example. From Monday to Friday (or even until Sunday), you distribute all tasks to each day or to the respective list. Everything else, i.e., tasks that will only be completed in one of the next weeks, end up or remain in a separate list. This list could be called “Ideas” or “To-Dos”.

Wenn du beispielsweise Marketing Manager*in bist, kannst du dir eine Ideensammlung in der awork App anlegen. So hast du jederzeit die Möglichkeit, spontane Ideen dort einzutragen und vergisst nichts!
If you are a marketing manager, for example, you can create a collection of ideas in the awork app. This way, you can enter spontaneous ideas there at any time and won’t forget anything!

At the start of the week, this principle distributes all of this week’s tasks over the upcoming days. Here, too, the app comes into play. Finally, the mobile view allows you to quickly check the to-dos on Sunday evening or in the morning on the way to work.

The work with lists for this week, next month, and another list for ideas works very similarly. Regularly at the start of the week, the tasks are distributed to the lists. New tasks that arise during the week end up in the list for this week or in the collection of ideas, depending on their urgency.

Always keep an eye on private to-dos as well

You can also use the same methods to plan private projects and keep track of tasks. For example, the GTD principle is a good way to write down and work through all the tasks you have to do in your daily life. Whether it’s a tax return, a call to the dentist, or shopping for the weekend barbecue – with a private GTD project in awork, nothing will be forgotten.

You can also plan one-off, larger projects in awork. Do you have a big trip coming up? Do you have to organize a wedding? With the list function in awork, you can manage such projects perfectly. And the practical thing is: With the app, all to-dos are always visible, even when you’re on the go.

Plan your to-dos with the awork app.