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Hey Visual Jump, How Do You Actually Work With awork?

In this interview series, selected awork users will give you an insight into their daily work. What are their experiences? How do they manage projects, which workflows do they use, and what are their favorite features? We’ll start with the creative team from Visual Jump in Marbach.

Thanks for the interview! We are happy that you want to share your first experiences with us. First of all, please introduce yourselves briefly. What exactly do you do?

Hey, thanks for interviewing us. We are Visual Jump. A design lab from Marbach am Neckar near Stuttgart. Our main business is corporate communication. We help our clients to position themselves and their brand perfectly in the market and to develop the right communication strategies and means. With the help of our design craft, these strategies are then implemented cross-medially. Here we do not distinguish whether online or offline, but whether it makes sense or not. From small businesses to gastronomy to city events – we are involved everywhere.

Why did you choose awork as your project management tool?

For us as designers, an intuitive but flexible interface is important and necessary. The visual appearance also plays a big role, so that working with the tool is fun. We saw these factors with you and firstly tried out the free version. After a few projects, we quickly realized that awork is the tool for us. We still miss a few features here and there that would support our workflow even better, but since you are working so diligently on awork, we are sure that there is still a lot to come.

Did you have any project management software before, or how did you organize yourselves?

We have tried a few programs but have always gone back to our standard Mac programs.

What were your first impressions of awork?

 Simple structure, cool look, intuitive user interface and useful functions and integrations. With awork, we didn’t have to learn a system for a long time but could proceed according to the principle of learning by doing. Of course, your little bot helped us a lot, too.

What do you use awork for at the moment, and what does your workflow look like?

. At the moment, we use awork for our complete project management along with for the controlling of projects and employees. We work a lot with the integrated time tracking to have a more detailed overview of our workflows and the assignment to the created projects of individual customers.

Can you give us some examples of projects that you manage with awork?

When handling monthly newspaper inserts for a client, we like to use awork for our own overview. When exactly do we work on which insert issue, when are the deadlines for customer input, printing, and collections. Here, the division into individual jobs for the same customer is very helpful to keep track of us and for billing. We are also currently working on a customer’s webshop, where the division with different task types and lists and the assignment of tasks to different team members is very useful.

What are your favorite features?

Currently, our favorite feature is time tracking. Therefore, we have already thought of a few things that would be helpful for flexible working models like ours (for example, setting and defining the daily working time, which is currently fixed at 8 hours) and one or two nice-to-haves (like colored distinctions in the display for a faster overview in the timeline). In addition, we are just making friends with the really practical task lists and create project-by-project packages that we can then use in the long run.

How does teamwork work with awork?

Primarily everyone works with awork on their own and documents their work. However, the calendar always reminds us reliably of every upcoming appointment.

Have you already noticed improvements in your workflows? Are you more productive, for example?

In any case, we have become more structured.

Thanks for letting us know how you work with awork! Stay productive!