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Project management

Plan & distribute projects and tasks

done Lists, boards & timeline
done Project templates
done Automations
done Individual rights

Capa planning

Keeping your team’s workload under control

done Automatic workload calculation
done Absences
done Weekly working time
done Calendar integration


Digital collaboration

done Everything in one place
done Notifications
done Drop files
done Chats & reactions


Track and bill times

done Calendar integration
done Start & stop per timer
done Individual analysis
done Integration of billing tools

For whom?

For all project oriented teams

🏗 Architects
👩‍🎨 Agencies
🏦 Banks
🏫 Universities
🤓 Consulting
🏛 Public service
🏭 Industrial
👩‍💻 Software & IT
🏭 Mid-sized teams
🏢 Corporate
🚀 Startups
👨‍👩‍ Small teams
🚪 Departments
🏟 Associations
📍 Locations
💼 Management

For what kinds of projects?

100+ project cases

Happy clients

Why thjnk decided for awork

One of the leading digital agencies from Germany uses awork for 450+ employees.

Why awork?

The tool that everyone loves 💜

…instead of overwhelming
👍 Well understandable
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