The awork Affiliate Programme

If you like awork, share it with your network and make some money through successful recommendations. There is no maximum commission limit!

The advantages

Become an awork Partner

Unlimited Commissions

The payout is solely dependent on the team size of the new clients, referred to by you – there is no maximum limit!

Regular Payouts

Your affiliate payouts increase after every level reached, until you reach 100%. Payouts occur directly after each concluded contract.

Clear Conscience Guaranteed

You can recommend awork to others without hesitation! Our users are very satisfied (NPS > 60) and they rarely terminate their contracts (< 2%).

Affiliate Programme Procedure

This is how it works!

1 Register

Register as an affiliate using our application form.  

2 Receive a Code

Within 48h, a personal affiliate code will be sent to you.

3 Recruit Teams

Share your affiliate code with your users. It is to be entered when subscribing.

4 Receive a Commission

If someone subscribes to awork Premium using your code, you will receive a commission (read below). Moreover, your acquired user will receive a 10% discount (so everybody wins).

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Compensation for recruited teams

There is no commission limit – the higher the amount of clients you recruit, the higher the commission you receive will be. If your client subscribes to awork for at least 12 months, you will be paid immediately.

Amount of recruited teams Compensation per team Payout after
0 – 3 clients 2 months of the usage fee 2 months or immediately if 12 months have been booked
4 – 10 clients 3 months of the usage fee 3 months or immediately if 12 months have been booked
10 + clients 4 months of the usage fee 4 months or immediately if 12 months have been booked


You are recruiting your first team (of 5 users) that subscribes to awork for 12 months: you will then receive 2 x 50 = €100 from us. If you are recruiting your 11th team with 5 users, you will receive 4 x 50 = €200. Read the full participation conditions.


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